Listen: Kid Rock, as DJ Bobby Shazam, goes old school on new single 'Quarantine'

The single is now available on major streaming platforms, and proceeds from sales will benefit the Kid Rock Foundation, which helps those in need

Adam Graham
The Detroit News

Kid Rock — as his DJ alter ego, Bobby Shazam — has released an old-school, party-rock self-isolation anthem, titled "Quarantine." 

The single, which has an early hip-hop feel and feels like a collaboration between Juan Atkins and Grandmaster Flash, celebrates staying indoors and keeping our distance from one another during the coronavirus shutdown. It's about staying hopeful in a time of desperation and finding fun in the madness.

Kid Rock, as DJ Bobby Shazam, has released a new single, "Quarantine," with proceeds set to benefit those in need.

"Never mind the time never mind the lines or the unemployment rate," Rock/ Shazam raps. "We gotta help each other, love one another, and everything in between/ so don't sweat it y'all, just have a ball and let me see you quarantine."

Listen below. 

"Quarantine" was released Saturday night and came with a note from Rock himself. 

"DJ Bobby Shazam is Back... with a positive message and to help you shake that booty while we all do our part to help fight this virus," he wrote in a note posted on his website,

Money generated from sales of the single will go to the Kid Rock Foundation, which donates to those in need. 

"No question we will continue to help in the fight against Covid-19," he said. "We hope this puts a smile on your face and remember, it makes us who we are, in times like these. God Bless and be smart."

The song is for sale on Apple Music and is streaming on all major platforms. 

The Bobby Shazam persona was born around the time of Rock's 2012 album "Rebel Soul," and he's referenced in "Rebel Soul's" "Cucci Galore."

At the time, he told MTV of Shazam, "Oh, man, Bobby. He probably came from having too many adult beverages, and trying to come up with something fun and different to do musically," he said. "He's just this psychotic rock and roller. Like, I picture his dad being a roadie for REO Speedwagon, and his mom was a high-priced call girl somewhere, and he's just out of his mind. So we named him Bobby Shazam."

"Quarantine" is the first song credited to DJ Bobby Shazam. 

Rock was in the headlines earlier this month when Steve Smith, the owner of his Nashville steakhouse, Kid Rock's Big Ass Honky Tonk Rock N' Roll Steakhouse, was refusing to close the restaurant in the wake of the coronavirus shutdown. Smith later complied and shuttered the restaurant.

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