Detroit Youth Choir concert and graduation streams Friday night

Melody Baetens
The Detroit News

The Detroit Youth Choir's Spring Benefit Concert and Graduation is being moved online, courtesy of the Bill Brown Ford's At-Home Concert Series. 

The show, which will recognize eight of the choir's graduating members, will stream tonight at 6 on Bill Brown Ford's Facebook Page at

The Detroit Youth Choir, last years America's Got Talent runners up, perform for those auditioning for the next America's Got Talent show at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan on January 21, 2020. Executive producer Jason Raff says, "First off, they are a great friend of the show and also we're extremely proud and happy for what they did for our show but also for Detroit in general.  I've never seen, after the show, a community come together and support them.  We came back to Detroit in part because we found them here. There is just a sense in this city of a real communal spirit.  There are a lot of reasons to bring them by and also to be selfish and see them again.  Their spirit just made the whole crew enthusiastic."

The annual concert servers as a fundraiser for the upcoming school year. To help that cause, Bill Brown will match the first $2,500 raised and give a $500 grant to each of the graduating seniors. 

"We did not want the pandemic to stand in the way of the Detroit Youth Choir's Spring Benefit Concert and Graduation," said new vehicle sales manager Matt Garchow in a press release. "These young people have been such a bright star in our community, and we wanted to help them by hosting this event as part of our AtHome Concert Series." 

Around 50,000 people are expected to watch the streaming event. Later, a version of the show will be available at, and donations will continue to be collected. 

"Thanks to Bill Brown Ford's unending personal and financial commitment to the Detroit Youth Choir, we were able to save our Spring Benefit Concert and graduation ceremony." said DYC program director Daniel Valentine. "All of our performers will also be socially distancing throughout the show, which we hope will serve as a great example for young people throughout the Detroit Metro." 

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