Padma Lakshmi hopes to 'Taste' Dearborn in show's second season

"Taste the Nation" host says Dearborn is on her list for Season 2

Adam Graham
The Detroit News

Padma Lakshmi has her eyes set on Dearborn.

"The Top Chef" host's new series, "Taste the Nation," recently premiered on Hulu. The 10-episode first season finds Lakshmi exploring various food cultures around America and saw her visiting El Paso, Milwaukee, New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas and other cities. 

Emiliano Marentes, left, owner of Elemi, appears in his kitchen as host Padma Lakshmi looks on, in a scene from "Taste the Nation," a documentary series streaming on Hulu.

No decision has been made on the show's renewal, but should a season 2 be ordered, she has heart set on visiting Metro Detroit — specifically, Dearborn. 

On Twitter Monday, Lakshmi responded to a user saying she'd like it if the show highlighted Filipino culture. Lakshmi said she wants to visit the Filipino community in Alaska, and "also the Lebanese community in Dearborn, Michigan. There are SO many more food cultures to learn about!"

She continued, "Really, the entire Arab-American community in Dearborn would be great to explore!"

Lakshmi's tweets received dozens of replies inviting her to the city, so it appears she's more than welcome in Dearborn.

Lakshmi's aim on the show, which premiered on Hulu on Friday, is to celebrate the food of American immigrants and indigenous people.

“I am an immigrant. And I was just disgusted the way immigrants had been used as a pawn for political gain and been discriminated against so grossly by this administration. I guess this show is my rebuttal to that,” she recently told the Associated Press.