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Sales of Phil Collins’ ‘In The Air Tonight’ skyrocket after twin brothers’ viral reaction video

David Matthews
New York Daily News

Phil Collins’ 1981 anthem “In The Air Tonight” is a hit once again thanks to a reaction video starring a pair of brothers hearing the song, particularly its famous drum break, for the first time.

As of Monday afternoon, “In the Air Tonight” was the fourth best-selling track of the week, up from 185th-best the week prior.

While the song has not seen an increase in streaming in a technical sense, the YouTube video of twin brothers Tim and Fred Williams listening to the song has been viewed over 4 million times and clips of their reactions have been shared on social media countless other times.

The brothers’ analysis of the drum break is just as memorable as their facial expressions.

“He said, ‘I feel like y’all sleeping on me, let’s wake ‘em up!’”

“That was cold how he did it, I ain’t gonna lie, he got me on that.”

“I ain’t never seen nobody drop a beat three minutes in a song!”

Phil Collins

The twins’ reaction to the song comes after their reaction to Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” caught the attention of the Queen of Country herself.

The “TwinsthenewTrend” YouTube channel now has more than 350,000 subscribers.