Review: Love triangle goes nuts in slow-moving 'Behind Her Eyes'

Netflix series takes too long to arrive at its destination

Tom Long
Special to The Detroit News

“Behind Her Eyes” is boring until it’s bonkers. Unfortunately the boring lasts a lot longer than the bonkers.

Until the bonkers part, “Eyes” seems like a typical-if-tedious love triangle story in which one part of the triangle is your standard psychopath. After the bonkers arrives all trace of the typical literally flies out the window.

Eve Hewson in "Behind Her Eyes."

Louise (Simona Brown) is a single mom who works in a psychiatrist’s office in London. Out at a bar one night, she meets David (Tom Bateman) and they click. But after a kiss David begs off awkwardly.

The next day at work Louise sees her new boss — David (a bit far-fetched, but then so’s the whole enterprise). With David is his beautiful wife, Adele (Eve Hewson). Awkward.

Somewhat nonsensically, Louise ends up becoming friends with the obviously off-balance Adele while keeping it a secret from David. And then she becomes David’s lover, which she definitely doesn’t want to tell Adele. Secrets, secrets, secrets.

The soup thickens: We see David feeding Adele pills from a well-stocked home pharmacy. We see Adele faking their consumption. It becomes obvious David is concerned about Adele and considers her dangerous. This is reinforced by lots of shots of Adele holding a big knife in her kitchen.

It’s further reinforced by flashbacks to Adele in a mental institution where she had a gay friend, Rob (Robert Aramayo). 

So Adele is eventually bound to stab somebody, right? Or maybe David will turn out to be the crazy one since shrinks are kind of dicey. Or maybe…

Nope. It all goes splendidly off the rails. Unfortunately the pacing here is too slow and many may abandon the train before it gets where it’s going. 

“Behind Her Eyes” is the perfect example of a six-part series that should have been four. Its stretch marks are unseemly. Less can be more.

Tom Long is a longtime contributor to The Detroit News. 

“Behind Her Eyes”