Artist Spotlight: All Over the Shop

Melody Baetens
The Detroit News
Local rock trio All Over the Shop

A weekly showcase featuring local musicians

Name: All Over the Shop

Lineup: Todd Wicks, vocals and bass; Brandon Malik, guitar; Joel Wicks, drums. 

Sound: Rock, power pop. The name was inspired by a British expression (meaning to be disorganized or in a confused state) someone used to describe guitarist Jimmy Page during Led Zeppelin's notoriously bad 1985 Live Aid performance. “I thought it was such a great phrase that we had to use it," said singer Wicks.

The latest: This new band made up of old friends — you may know them from their other group the Prime Ministers — recent released a debut, self-titled EP. Because there are only three of them, they were able to work on music during the pandemic, spaced out and with masks on. There may only be five songs in All Over the Shop's first release, but it's densely packed with driving riffs, catchy hooks and pure rock and roll enthusiasm. To hear the EP and learn more about the band, visit

Melody Baetens