Review: Tim Robinson's 'I Think You Should Leave' returns even weirder

Metro Detroit native is back with the second season of his increasingly bizarre Netflix sketch comedy series.

Adam Graham
The Detroit News

Tim Robinson doesn't do small talk. Average, everyday interactions — pleasantries at a party, chitchat at the office — are a springboard for the weird, wild and seriously funny scenarios that make up Robinson's bizarre sketch comedy series, "I Think You Should Leave." 

Even more absurd than its first season, which arrived in 2019, "I Think You Should Leave's" six-episode second season takes things further into the realm of the ridiculous. It's impossible to predict where any particular sketch is headed; each 16-minute episode is made up of four or five individual shorts that spiral off from the most offbeat thread into their own comic dimension. Its volatility is half the fun.  

Tim Robinson in "I Think You Should Leave."

Metro Detroit native Robinson anchors most of the sketches, playing variations of irritable everymen who don't get along in society. He's a representation of every misfit or outcast who can't just go with the flow or pleasantly laugh at a joke and move on, they must break down everything, dissect it and take it to its most illogical conclusion.  

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He's joined by a host of returning faces, including Patti Harrison, his "Detroiters" pal Sam Richardson, Conner O'Malley, Brandon Wardell and Tim Heidecker, whose "Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!" is a clear influence, perhaps more here than in the first season. 

Newbies include Paul Walter Hauser, Bob Odenkirk, and former "SNL" writer Mike O'Brien, who co-stars with Robinson in the season's longest, most elaborate sketch, born out of a restroom mishap and taken to a place of sheer lunacy. 

Co-created by Zach Kanin and directed by the Lonely Island's Akiva Schaffer, among others, "I Think You Should Leave" is eccentric, hysterical and hilarious. The stranger it gets, the more it feels at home.


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