'Beyond Van Gogh' at TCF Center extended until early October

Maureen Feighan
The Detroit News

Haven't gotten a chance yet to check out the captivating new immersive Van Gogh exhibit at Detroit's TCF Center? You're in luck. It will now run through early October.

On Tuesday, organizers of "Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience" announced that the exhibition will be extended until Oct. 3 due to "overwhelming demand and sell-out crowds." Ticket entry is timed for the exhibition and prices start at $42.99 for adults.

People walk through the immersive gallery at the Beyond Van Gogh exhibit during the first public day with more than 300 iconic artworks at the TCF Center in Detroit on Friday, June 25, 2021. Beyond Van Gogh uses cutting-edge projection technology to create an engaging journey into the world of Van Gogh.

"Beyond Van Gogh" opened in late June and was originally slated to end in August. It features roughly 300 of the Dutch impressionist painter's masterpieces. Digitally projected on to massive floor-to-ceiling screens, including the floor, the paintings shift and move.

Created by French-Canadian Creative Director Mathieu St-Arnaud and his team at Montreal's Normal Studio, "Beyond Van Gogh" is a newer immersive Van Gogh experience. It debuted in April in Miami.

"When we designed this, we wanted to offer the opportunity for the audience to go beyond Van Gogh to meet Vincent, but also to go beyond the frame, and beyond the image, and actually step inside Vincent's famous paintings," St-Arnaud told the News earlier this year. "That's really what we tried and I think that's what we accomplished."

Featured paintings included classics such as "Starry Night," "Sunflowers," and "Café Terrace at Night." A series of self-portraits cover the exhibition walls at one point -- Van Gogh often painted himself because he couldn't afford models -- and even blink. The exhibition also is set to music.

"Beyond Van Gogh" isn't the only immersive Van Gogh experience that will be in Detroit.

"Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit Detroit," which has traveled to dozens of cities all over the country and bills itself as the "original" immersive Van Gogh experience, arrives in late October. It runs through early February.