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Get creative and inspired at Pinspiration in Berkley

Darlene A. White
Special to The Detroit News

If you’re looking for crafting inspiration, there’s no need to search Pinterest anymore. Let Pinspiration be your inspiration. 

Pinspiration is a Pinterest-inspired craft studio in Berkley that claims to have it all. 

The studio allows guests to choose from more than 50 project options — from art and décor to gifts and accessories — with tutorials, project kits, supplies and tools provided.

Olivia Lindsay of Berkley and Kayden Gallis react they toss glow In the dark paint to create dazzling and mesmerizing  artwork at Pinspiration's splatter room on Saturday, July 10, 2021.

“We have dozens of trendy projects available for all ages and abilities to get creative,” said Jenna Hance, owner of Pinspiration. 

 Pinspiration attracts a variety of people and can appeal to all ages, she said.

“We are an inclusive studio where anyone is welcome to stretch their creative abilities,” Hance said. “We love seeing friends and families come into the studio to craft together. The beauty of Pinspiration is that everyone can create a project that is meaningful to them, with no need to reserve a particular project ahead of time and everyone can work on what interests them. Since we are not workshop or class based, people can enjoy their time together without having to pay attention to an instructor.”

Olivia Lindsay of Berkley reacts to the flying paint at Pinspiration's splatter room on Saturday, July 10, 2021.

Hance has always dreamed of owning a crafting space. She and her husband worked intense corporate jobs for many years but are creatives at heart. 

“I am in graduate school at Western Michigan University, and in 2019 I was taking a class on Designing for Meaningful Work, when I had to write an essay to answer the question “if you could do anything, what would that be?,” Hance said. “I wrote about running a studio space with a variety of crafts and projects for DIY that would encourage people to play with their creativity.” 

Hance said she saw a sponsored Facebook ad in her newsfeed from Pinspiration looking for franchisees in the area. 

“I had to apply,” she said. “We were thrilled when we got the call that we were awarded the first Pinspiration in Michigan. I was born and raised here in Berkley, and I knew right from the beginning that Berkley would be the ideal place to open a studio like Pinspiration.”

Pinspiration visitors can work on individual projects by using acrylic pours in which thin paint is swirled together over canvas, or they can create monogrammed wine glasses or make custom wood signs. 

Glow in the dark paint is ready for the next creation at Pinspiration's splatter room in Berkley on Saturday, July 10, 2021.

“One of our most popular activities at Pinspiration is our Jackson-Pollock inspired Splatter Room,” where people an suit up in ponchos and hazmat suits and then fling paint onto canvases and each other, Hance said. 

“After a good splatter session, many of our guests love to embellish their pieces with glitter, rhinestones, googly eyes, or a meaningful quote,” she said.

Take-home kits are available for people who prefer to stay home, Hance said.

For those who do choose to come in-person, Pinspiration offers step-by-step instructions and a personal guide to help you through the process of working on your project.

Art projects range from $15 to $75. 

In late August, Pinspiration will host crafting classes, workshops and camps. There will be workshops for acrylic pours, water marbling, Fimo clay figurines, and even wreath making. 

“After such a long and lonely year and half with the pandemic, people are really craving connection,” she said. “There is only so much we can do at home or on a Zoom call. People are ready to get messy, laugh with friends, and create something with their own two hands, and not at their own kitchen table. Pinspiration offers a safe place to get inspired, get creative, and get glitter on the floor.”

Bridget Mahrle, 54 of Berkley, is a huge fan and a frequent visitor of Pinspiration. 

“I can remember going to Pinspiration with a group of my friends to make support posters for our friend who is battling breast cancer,” Mahrle said. “It was the day before her surgery, and we set up a surprise parade for her with beautiful support signs from Pinspiration at her home.

“You can go to Pinspiration and do just about anything from blinging out a lamp to painting a mural on a canvas, Mahrle laughed. “I really love it there. I am actually scheduling a vision board party now for a group of my friends for this summer.” 

Signage are posted outside Pinspiration's splatter room in Berkley on Saturday, July 10, 2021.

Diane Halton, 32, of Huntington Woods said she is looking forward to bringing her children to the crafting studio over the summer. 

“I think this DIY crafting studio is such a cool idea. I already love Pinterest and my children love playing in paint, so I know the splatter room is going to make them so excited,” she laughed. 

Pinspiration will host a grand opening on, Aug. 7, during the Berkley Street Art Fest. 


2733 Coolidge Highway, Berkley

Visit or call (248) 392-8631