Eminem's adopted daughter comes out as genderfluid on TikTok

The Detroit News

Eminem's daughter has come out as genderfluid and is now going by the name Stevie, according to a TikTok video posted on her account. 

"Watch me become more comfortable with myself <3," Stevie wrote on a video posted Saturday, accompanied by a series of photos of her through the years.

Eminem's daughter Stevie.

The photos show the progression of her look and her pronouns, beginning with Whitney she/ her, continuing to Whitney they/she and Stevie they/she and ending with Stevie, all pronouns. She uses the hashtag #genderfluid on the video.

The clip is set to a piece of score from the soundtrack of HBO's "Euphoria," featuring singer Labrinth repeating the phrase, "I've never felt so alone." 

In the comments posted on the video, one user asks her why she chose the name Stevie. "I spent a long time trying to pick a name I felt comfortable with and the first name I felt comfortable with is Stevie!!" she replied.

Stevie, 19, is formerly known as Whitney Scott Mathers. She was adopted by the superstar rapper in 2005. Her mother is Kim Scott.