Bruce Campbell heading home to host celebration of himself

The star of the "Evil Dead" movies will host Brucefest, a three-day Bruce Campbell film festival, coming to Detroit's Masonic Temple in June.

Adam Graham
The Detroit News


Cult movie star and homegrown ham Bruce Campbell will host Brucefest, billed as "The Ultimate Bruce Campbell Film Festival," June 17-19 at Detroit's Masonic Temple, Campbell announced on social media Monday. 

A promo image for "The Evil Dead."

The three-day fest will include screenings of Campbell's movies (including "The Evil Dead," "Evil Dead II," "Army of Darkness," "Bubba Ho-Tep" and "My Name Is Bruce") with live commentary, Q&A sessions, a trivia contest, photo and signing opportunities, scavenger hunts, a homecoming dance, a mystery dinner, props from Campbell's films and more.

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And Campbell, the Royal Oak native, author and winner of multiple Fangoria Chainsaw Awards, will be in attendance, of course.   

"We’re going back to where is all began this summer!" Campbell tweeted on Monday. (The typo is his, not ours.) 

Ticket packages — $300, $450 and $600 — go on sale at noon on Friday, with pre-sale tickets going on sale starting at noon on Wednesday.

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The top-tier "Kandarian Demon Package" includes admission to "Evil Dead in Concert," a June 16 screening of Sam Raimi's 1981 cult horror breakthrough film "The Evil Dead," featuring a live score from composer Joe LoDuca. 

It's all in keeping with Campbell's tongue-in-cheek spirit and his campy embrace of his cult status. 

The inaugural Brucefest was held in November 2021 in Estes Park, Colo.