Kid Rock shows off 'Let's Go Brandon'-edition Rolls-Royce on Fox News

Rock appeared on Monday's edition of 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'

Adam Graham
The Detroit News

Kid Rock showed off his "Let's Go Brandon"-branded Rolls-Royce during an interview with Tucker Carlson that aired Monday night. 

No, the British automaker did not issue a special edition vehicle branded with the right wing catchphrase, thinly veiled code for "F--- Joe Biden."

Kid Rock's "Let's Go Brandon"-edition Rolls Royce.

Rock told Carlson he picked up the badge online. 

"You go on this thing called Google, and you type in 'car badges,'" said Rock, talking to Carlson in his Nashville studio where he recorded his new album "Bad Reputation," which was released Monday. 

That album features "We the People," a track built around a chanted chorus of "Let's Go Brandon." When Rock found the signature car badge online, "I'm like, there is a heaven. This is too good," said Rock, who puffed on a cigar throughout the interview with the Fox News host. 

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Rock said normally, "I would never drive a foreign car," but he wanted the Rolls because he had a Waffle House license plate holder that needed a car to go on it.

The Rolls, he says, fit the bill.

As for the foreign wheels, Rock — whose father was an auto dealer in Metro Detroit — said, "I'm in Nashville, so I'm not in Detroit." 

Monday's interview, which was shot over the weekend, touched on the new album, Rock's critics, his relationship with Donald Trump, his conservative views, COVID and more.

"I am uncancelable," Rock told Carlson at one point. He also called COVID precautions in the live music industry "stupid."  

Carlson's crew filmed Rock for a longer documentary which is due out later this year.