Elizabeth Schwartz’s ‘Unconstrained’ at WSG

Michael H. Hodges
Detroit News Fine Arts Writer

WSG Gallery in Ann Arbor hosts “Unconstrained,” a show of colorful abstracts by attorney Elizabeth Schwartz, up through June 18.

Schwartz, who graduated from the University of Michigan Law School and has served as an administrative law judge for the state, has applied her myriad talents to color studies of considerable interest.

“Rock from Ramble,” for example, presents a composition in which large white blotches — boulders, mayhap? — are defined by the bright shots of color edging them.

The artist has a particular gift for unusual and unexpected combinations of hue. In “Rock,” for example, sharp pink, black and burnt orange all coexist in uneasy, intriguing harmony.

Elizabeth Schwartz paints loose and dynamic, shows vivid colors in “Rock from Ramble.”

Schwartz’s style is loose and dynamic, creating canvases that suggest an underlying tension, as in “Interlude,” where a sense of imminent collapse permeates the whole design.

As usual, WSG also has a number of walls devoted to works by its members. You’ll find an interesting selection in the sun-lit front gallery that overlooks Main Street.

Well worth a peek here are several sculptural constructions by Middy Potter, employing both rocks and metal.

One of the most amusing is “Pitchin’ for Rocks Four,” a composition in which four round, rose-colored rocks have apparently been speared by the tines of a pitchfork — itself embedded in a small white rock that is itself attached to a much-larger boulder.

Sara Adlerstein’s “As we go full Circle” is a compelling mixed-media work in monotones of black, gray and white that packs unexpected visual punch.

Sara Adlerstein’s “As we go full Circle” is a mixed-media work highlighting monotones.

And “Landscape of Memory: The Climbing Tree” is a handsome textile work in rich browns that evokes both a spreading tree and a halo.


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Elizabeth Schwartz’

Through June 18

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