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Galerie Camille show features furniture, fine art

Michael H. Hodges
Detroit News Fine Arts Writer

It’s such a good idea, you wonder why more galleries don’t go for it.

Galerie Camille in Midtown has paired an art show with elegant, innovative furniture scattered throughout its airy quarters on Cass. “Interior: Fine Art & Design” highlights three artists and four design groups. The show runs through July 9.

Visual artists are Andrzej Sikora, Aimee Cameron and Karianne Spens-Hanna. The four design studios are Möbel Link, Hunt & Noyer Woodworks, Line Studio Detroit and Zuckerhosen.

Given the quality of what’s on display, it makes for a most satisfying stroll around the several galleries.

Director Melannie Chard, who works with artist and gallery owner Adnan Charara, says she was looking to tie cool furniture to cool art because “if you can see the art in context, it’s easier to imagine on your own walls.”

She was specifically looking for elements “that would talk to one another,” and seems to have succeeded — particularly in the gallery’s small, all-black room. There, a round glass cocktail table on gold legs is surrounded by Plexiglas “canvases” in bold reds and grays by Detroit painter Andrzej Sikora.

The table, “Linear Downfall,” came out of Zuckerhosen, a local design firm run by Elizabeth Leah Born and Mario Francois Isenmann. Its brilliant-gold legs, which criss-cross at odd angles, started life as a cube until the artists pressed and “smashed” it.

Meanwhile, Sikora’s high-energy works practically vault off the black walls, and make for stunning contrast with the glass-and-gilt table — which, not to be outdone, does a nice job reflecting the drama of Sikora’s “Interruption.”

All this energy a bit much for you? Then repair to the other side of the gallery, where Alan Kaniarz’s sinuous “Dif Lounge with Leather Bolster” stretches out luxuriously beneath Sikora’s four-canvas “Wings.”

Or check out Kaniarz’s accordion-like “Zig-Zag Chair” beneath Aimee Cameron’s soothing, green-and-gray “Shift” series of archival prints.

Finally, don’t miss Andrew Ward’s “Waterfall,” well-paired with Hunt & Noyer’s “Solomon” console table. The fountain is principally comrpised of a white concrete screen, remarkably simple in its geometric patterning, which hides water coursing down a zinc panel just inside.

All in all, the composition reads a bit like an elegant radiator screen except that instead of heat, this handsome piece of decorative furniture gives off the pleasing sound of falling water.

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‘Interior: Fine Art & Design’

Through July 9

Galerie Camille, 4130 Cass, Suite C, Detroit

Noon-5 p.m. Wed.- Sat.

(313) 974-6737