Ann Arbor art fair scratched again because of COVID-19 rules

Associated Press

Ann Arbor – A popular summer art fair in southeastern Michigan has been canceled again.

Crowds fill the closed off streets for the annual Ann Arbor Art Fair on Thursday.

Organizers of the Ann Arbor Art Fair said uncertainty over the rules on outdoor gatherings is forcing them to scratch the July event for a second consecutive year due to COVID-19.

The fair, which is actually three fairs in one, draws thousands of people to the streets of Ann Arbor.

“We hung on to hope that restrictions might change, but we have now run out of time,” Mo Riley said on the fair’s website. “We all think it is likely that capacity limits will be lifted by July, but there are no guarantees. It would be unfair to ask artists to take that risk.”

Sylvia Koch, 12, becomes part of the art as she walks past a piece by Michael George of Scottsdale, Arizona, at the  Ann Arbor Art Fair on July 20, 2017.

They’ll try again on July 21-24, 2022.