New Stefanie Pintoff thriller grips NYC

Associated Press

‘City on Edge’

By Stefanie Pintoff


Stefanie Pintoff brings back Eve Rossi and her unorthodox team from last year’s “Hostage Taker” with another stellar case in “City on Edge.”

Preparations for New York City’s annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade have begun, with crowds gathering the night before to watch the giant balloons being inflated. Police Commissioner Logan Donovan and his daughter Allie are in the heart of the crowd watching everyone getting ready for the big parade. Donovan is there to reassure people that the New York Police Department has everything under control. Then he’s shot and Allie is kidnapped.

Special Agent Eve Rossi is known for getting quick results. She and her team of former convicts use their skills and contacts to uncover answers faster than going through the normal chain of command. The person who has kidnapped Allie reveals strange demands, which must be met to exact specifications. Any deviation will jeopardize the parade and everyone watching. Rossi has to quickly figure out who kidnapped Allie, the motives behind the deed, and how to make sure the parade runs smoothly. One factor she hasn’t considered: What if the person who recruited her isn’t trustworthy?

Elements of a ticking clock mixed with the authentic feel of New York City make this a gripping and terrifying story. Rossi and her team are unique, and their methods are quite unconventional.

— Jeff Ayers

‘Scrappy Little Nobody’

By Anna Kendrick


Anna Kendrick has charmed her fans in films such as “Up in the Air,” “Into the Woods” and “Pitch Perfect.” In “Scrappy Little Nobody,” Kendrick tells how she shaped her career by being irritatingly ordinary.

Her collection of essays portrays a young girl’s road to success, as well as the personal anxieties that accompany a profession in film. Early in her career, one of her biggest headaches was her tiny stature, but she could work her size to her advantage by playing a wide age range of characters. As she got older, she learned to adopt the mantra that big things come in small packages. When Kendrick spoke her mind, people listened.

Kendrick also lets the reader peek into the more personal details of her life.

“Scappy Little Nobody” is a story about Kendrick’s ability to embrace the pretend person she’s playing in front of the camera, as well as the person she is in real life. Kendrick is both practical and skeptical and more courageous than not. And she’s secure enough to admit that what you see is what you get.

If you’re looking for authentic and engaging under the umbrella of ridiculously entertaining, then Anna Kendrick is your answer.

— Lincee Ray


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