Detroit-architecture buffs take note — a way-cool new coloring book just hit the market based on sculptural details adorning the city's classic buildings. 

"Guardians of Detroit: Architectural Coloring Book," by author, photographer and graphic designer Jeff Morrison, could just be the perfect gift for anyone on your list with an artistic bent who's nuts about the look of America's most-talked-about comeback city. 

The coloring book, Morrison explains, is based on his forthcoming architectural history and photography book, "Guardians of Detroit," which will be published by Wayne State University Press in March. 

A coloring book drawn from his photography just struck him as a good idea.

"The architectural images are so interesting," the Oxford resident said, "and I thought they lent themselves well to a coloring book. Plus," added the art major who spent 30 years as a graphic designer, "I wanted to do the drawings."

The book is available at the Detroit Historical Museum, Pure Detroit outlets, and on Morrison's website at 

The Eastern Michigan University grad created the drawings, he says, by using his photographs as templates and sketching in lines and shading with Adobe Illustrator. 

"My wife says I should use a tablet and a stylus," Morrison said, "but I'm just used to a mouse."

He guesses the simpler drawings took about 6 to 10 hours, while more complicated ones, like the book's center spread of the triumphal statuary atop the Old Wayne County Building east of Campus Martius, involved a week or so.

Once you've finished the coloring book, don't despair. There may be more "Guardians of Detroit" spinoffs in the future, Morrison says. 

"I'm probably going to do another coloring book," he said. "With 770 pictures in the hardcover, there's certainly plenty of material." 

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'Guardians of Detroit: Architectural Coloring Book'

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Available at Detroit Historical Museum, Pure Detroit










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