New beer garden to light up Cass Corridor

Offering local craft beer in an urban setting, the new Stadt Garten also has a charity angle

Melody Baetens
The Detroit News

Stadt Garten, a pop-up beer garden set outside an 1880s Gothic-Victorian mansion in Midtown, will debut July 16.

The neighborhood space will be open all day and night, offering suds from Corktown’s Batch Brewing Company, as well as wine and cocktails. The clean and crisp gated yard at 3980 Second will have a bar set up with tents and an area for playing horseshoes and perhaps, beer pong. A side porch will act as a stage suitable for a DJ or a small live music combo.

Cold brew coffee will be served from Will’s Leather Good’s coffee shop, which is across the street. Visitors can browse Detroit Clothing Circle, a vintage clothing shop in the building. Stadt also appears to be a great place to hang while waiting for a table at the popular Selden Standard, not even a block away.

The Cass Corridor spot is a collaboration between the building’s co-owner, Mark Beard, and Jason Friedmann, a Detroit city planner and economic developer. The latter has years of experience hosting pop-up beer gardens in empty lots in Hamtramck to raise funds for the art collective Hatch during the Hamtramck Neighborhood Arts Festival.

Beard moved from outside Chicago to the Ferndale area several years ago to live and work as a doctor who drove around and made house calls. Recently, though, he felt drawn to Detroit and, in the spring of 2015, bought the rose-colored brick mansion on Second just south of Alexandrine. Now, he rides his bike to work at an urgent care office in Southwest Detroit.

“It just seems like an ideal place to have an event,” says Beard of his historic building. “There’s an Airbnb, an apartment on the third floor, Detroit Clothing Circle has their shop, (and) I live here.”

If “pop-up,” “beer garden” and “Midtown” weren’t catchy enough buzzwords, the recurring event also has a community tie-in. Proceeds from the July 16 event will benefit Corktown’s Hostel Detroit, an educational nonprofit that offers tours of the city.

“A lot of nonprofits have 12 liquor licenses to use a year, and they almost never use them, so we’re basically helping them utilize their temporary liquor license,” says Beard, who hopes his event will add to the vibrancy of the city. “So it’s good for everybody.”

Beard hopes to be able to host four beer socials a month at Stadt Garten, which means “city garden” in German.

“It depends on how things go. It’s a bit of an experiment,” he says. “We think it will go well and hopefully we can host a bunch more nonprofits.”

Beard says he’s also considered hosting yoga classes in his urban garden, which is partially paved and also covered in wood chips.

Stadt is reminiscent of the extremely popular Tashmoo Biergarten, a craft beer party that popped-up in a vacant lot in West Village in 2011 and 2012. While there is no connection, Beard says Stadt would like to purchase Tashmoo’s communal tables, but he’s not sure who owns them.

For the launch on July 16, Stadt Garten will be open 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Admission is free, and drinks are priced $5-$7.

For information — or if you have a lead on those tables — visit

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