Your guide to boozy slushies, milkshakes around town

Melody Baetens
The Detroit News

It’s hot outside. It’s the kind of muggy, mid-summer heat that can’t be squelched with a just cold beer or crisp cider. These temps call for frozen cocktails.

The Skip cocktail lounge debuted in the Belt alley in downtown Detroit in June, stocked with a row of booze-filled slushie machines. The open-air bar sucked me in on opening night with their frozen cucumber margarita.

Made with El Jimador tequila, dry curacao, lime, orange and cucumber, it’s a refreshing, icy treat. It’s $8, and for an extra $4 they’ll dump a Coronita — a seven ounce Corona — in it.

Also in the downtown area, Corktown’s Gold Cash Gold recently held a patio party to celebrate the launch of their new hot sauce and new slushie machine. They christened the machines by making frozen negronis (one of my favorite bitter drinks) and peach juleps.

Let’s move on to boozy milkshakes. Public House in Ferndale doesn’t mess around when it comes to blending ice cream and alcohol, and has a soft-serve vanilla ice cream machine behind the bar. The Loretta drink comes with root liqueur, ginger beer and ice cream and the Harvey (all their cocktails have old-timey names) has aperol, orange, lime and vanilla ice cream. It’s a good way to beat the heat and drink your dessert at the same time.

Two other good spots for ice cream cocktails are Punch Bowl Social, just around the corner from the aforementioned Skip, and Michael Symon’s B Spot, which has locations in Rochester Hills and Royal Oak.

Tom’s Oyster Bar will debut a new cocktail menu Friday and it includes four alcoholic milkshakes. Up your daily dose of antioxidants with the berries and cream, made with Absolut Vanilla, Chambord and a blend of berries (that’s practically health food).

For more of a treat, the chocolate covered banana milkshake blends banana-infused Six Saints rum and chocolate syrup. The cookies and cream shake mixes Oreos with the Irish trifecta: Guinness, Baileys and Jameson. Also new, the cold Spaniard, which is their milkshake version of a Spanish coffee.

Tom’s, 318 S. Main in Royal Oak, also has a few new takes on the Moscow mule, sangria, Spanish coffee and infused liquor like black tea and lemon-infused Jameson.

Lastly, while not frozen, Vertical Detroit’s Thursday tiki night drink menu is a must for fans of Polynesian flair. Besides an exquisite banana daiquiri, they also serve a scorpion bowl. At $35, this drink is big enough to share and is loaded with three kinds of rum, gin and juices.

The menu is only available the last Thursday of the month after 4 p.m., and includes special entrees, such as pork tenderloin, tuna poke and salmon sashimi.

Those are my suggestions on where to get sweet or fruity frozen cocktails in Metro Detroit right now. Tweet me your favorites @melodybaetens, and watch out for brain freeze.

Grey Ghost opens Thursday

A highly-anticipated meat-centric restaurant Grey Ghost is set to open at 4 p.m. Thursday in Brush Park.

The 2,500-square-foot restaurant is run by twin brothers and metro Detroit natives John and David Vermiglio, with John on board as a chef, along with chef Josef Giacomino. A fourth partner, Will Lee, will oversee the cocktail program.

The restaurant, named after the legend of a rum-running pirate on the Detroit River, will seat 80.

Grey Ghost’s menu features entrees including New York strip, pork chops with pineapple chimichurri and General Tso’s chicken sausage. The menu is so focused on meat that a vegetable dish list is simple titled “not meat.” Grey Ghost also has cured meats, raw dishes and sides.

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