Coney paczki: Unholy mix or answered prayer?

Ian Thibodeau, and Lauren Abdel-Razzaq
The Detroit News

Coney dogs will always be a favorite in Detroit. And come fat Tuesday, there is nothing Metro Detroiters love more than the delicious calorie bombs known as paczki. But what would happen if these two foods were combined into a new creation? Would all be right with the world? Or would it all implode into a sugary, beefy mess?

We'll find out Tuesday when the storied American Coney Island introduces the coney paczki. You heard that right.

Imagine that traditional, loveable, comfortable coney dog slathered in chili, onions and mustard. Now throw away that regular old bun and replace it with a glazed doughnut.

"Some fat Tuesday traditions need a small twist," American Coney Island said in a Facebook post. And as Detroit's oldest family-run coney island, they know all about tradition.

Paczki are typically filled with fruit or creme and covered in powdered sugar, icing or glaze. These won't have any of the usual fillings.

The coney paczki will cost you $4.65 a piece and 1,000 of your daily calorie allowance.

Would you try one? Or would you rather go the traditional route?