Fans of Peabody’s who miss the Birmingham restaurant’s French onion soup and key lime pie are in luck. The restaurant, which closed last summer after 40 years, has released a cookbook.

“The Peabody’s Cookbook” by Kate Cortis is available online at for $20. The 60-page softcover book includes dozens of recipes from the longstanding restaurant, which was opened by Jim Peabody in 1975 on Woodward just south of Maple.

The self-published book starts with the basics — roux, roasted chicken breast and roasted salmon — and is organized like a menu with soups and starters first, salads and entrees, including prime rib, lobster mac and cheese, sage chicken and sun-dried tomato pesto salmon.

The cookbook finishes with recipes for desserts and after-dinner drinks like a hummer and Spanish coffee.

The family is hoping to start selling the book in a local brick-and-mortar store this month.

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