One of the most anticipated casual restaurant openings of the spring is Chili Mustard Onion, a vegan coney island set to open April 1 in Brush Park.

Chef and owner Peter LaCombe has been serving his plant-based, meatless versions of coney dogs, cheese burgers and meatballs – beet balls – at pop-ups here and there around town, but now he says that Chili Mustard Onion will be ready for an official opening at his brick-and-mortar this spring.

Chili Mustard Onion, 3411 Brush in Detroit, will be 1,200 square feet. LaCombe says he’ll have a liquor license but no bar. He may set up a bar outside down the road when it warms up.

“We squeezed every square inch out of this space and I think the public will love it,” he said.

Besides meatless and dairy-free coney dogs, another specialty will be the “Big Mock,” a Big Mac-like sandwich with meat-free patties, vegan “cheese” and special sauce on a sesame seed bun. Chef LaCombe also makes a vegan bumpy cake, vegan cheesecake and beet ball subs.

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