Craft cocktail lounge and art space Barter planned for Hamtramck this fall

Melody Baetens
The Detroit News
Barter plans to open this fall in Hamtramck as an art space and approachable craft cocktail lounge.

A group of cocktail enthusiasts with a passion for the arts plan to open Barter, a new venue this fall in Hamtramck. 

Owners say the 3,500-square-foot location will have a bar and lounge-style seating in the front, with an art space for performances of all sorts in the back. 

Co-owner Cait Pluto said she and partner Jake Goodrich, a Michigan native, have moved to Metro Detroit from New York City. That’s where they met third co-owner Jennifer Sandella, who has a background in both theater and hospitality. 

“When we were looking at dozens of properties in the area we landed on Hamtramck for a few reasons,” said Pluto, pointing to Hamtramck’s history as being friendly to artists and barflies. “Definitely the space itself works really well for what we’re trying to do in terms of high ceilings and square footage and then we also found that the community itself kind of had the right vibe for us.”

“We’ve been speaking with a lot of local businesses and neighbors and we really feel like we kind of ended hitting the jackpot on the perfect place to do what we’re trying to do.”

What they’re trying to do is serve approachable craft cocktails that are cheaper than what people in Metro Detroit are used to paying for them (the $10-$12 mark) and to offer a flexible, casual space for the area’s art community. They hope to host musicians, visual artists, theater, improv and burlesque.

“The art element is a passion for all three of us,” she said, adding that they will consider hosting “anything that local artists throw at us.”

Construction will start soon. Barter plans to open this fall at 11601 Jos Campau in Hamtramck. Visit
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