Everyone's going crazé for rosé. Along with avocado toast and kombucha, it's one of the trendiest items of the past few years. 

Rosé is pink wine that runs from sweet to dry and sparkling to semi-sparkling, and varies in pink hues. It's not a mix of red and white wines. Rosé makers incorporate some of the skin from red grapes, but not as much as with red wine. 

It is pink and bubbly, making it attractive for celebrations, or taking a great Instagram photo. It's no coincidence that rose gold — a gold copper alloy that is often more affordable than other metals — also saw some sun on the trend maps these past few years. 

A few years ago Bodvár – House of Rosés petitioned the registrar of National Day Calendar to start National Rosé Day, which is the second Saturday of June and has been since 2015. It's a fitting month: The rose is considered one of the birth flowers of June. 

The bubbly is getting so popular that rosé is popping up even outside the realm of wine. Three Olives has a rosé-flavored vodka. I found it to be authentic-tasting with no sucralose aftertaste that some flavored vodkas have. Mix it with plain soda water and you may have found your to-go, light-and-breezy summer cocktail. 

Cider-makers are also jumping on the blush bandwagon.  Virtue Cider of Fennville, Michigan, makes a rosé cider with apples, yeast and botanicals and barrel-aged in French oak. Mainstream cider brands Strongbow and Angry Orchard also sell a rosé variety.

Vosgues Haut Chocolate have launched white chocolate Rosé BonBons, which are designed to be paired with rosé and actually contain French rosé in the gooey center. Find them at Whole Foods for $15 per package of six. 

Celebrate on Saturday around town with frosé (yep, frozen rosé), which has been spotted at Public House in Ferndale, Gather in Eastern Market, the Apparatus Room in Downtown Detroit and Honcho in Clarkston. 

Brix Wine & Charcuterie Boutique, 7968 Kercheval St. in Detroit, is hosting frosé events with appetizers and music every Sunday 3-8 p.m. throughout the summer.

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