Popular east side hangout Cadieux Café has been sold to musician John Rutherford and Cliff Bell’s co-owner Paul Howard. 

The Belgian bar and restaurant — known for feather bowling, live music and European cuisine and beer — was owned by the Devos family since 1962. In recent years the restaurant was run by Ron Devos and his nephew Paul Misuraca. 

“The Devos and Misuraca family are proud of the 55 plus years we’ve served the community and are grateful to each and every one who has been a part of our long run at the Cadieux Café,” they said in a statement released Monday afternoon. “We feel that John and Paul are the perfect fit to keep our family’s Belgian legacy alive as well as usher in a new generation of traditions that will ensure the Cadieux Café’s place as an East Side mainstay for years to come.”

The Cadieux Café made national television in 2009 when the late celebrity chef and travel host Anthony Bourdain visited for his Travel Channel show “No Reservations.” 

The new owners will take over Jan. 1. Rutherford says they plan on continuing the Belgian culture at the Cadieux Café, including the feather bowling. 

"We're looking forward to carrying on the legacy left by the Devos family and those who ran it before them,” he said in the release. “We might not be the caliber feather bowler as they are, but we will have plenty of time to practice.” 

Rutherford adds that any changes will be focused on building upgrades.

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