Mother of cakes: Rochester bakery's 'Game of Thrones' dragon, Night King turn heads

By Daniel Mears
The Detroit News

With social media humming with questions about the White Walkers’ Night King and who can possibly beat Daenerys’ dragons, it’s little wonder that the "Game of Thrones"- inspired storefront window at The Home Bakery in Rochester is grabbing fans’ attention. 

More than a few have made the trek to see the extreme cake decorating display, featuring an ice dragon Viserion cake measuring over 6 feet long, with razor sharp teeth, while the Night King cake stares at passersby with ice cold blue eyes.

Lizzie Bouranis  and Dana Reeves walk by the 'Game of Thrones' inspired window complete with an ice dragon and the Night King at the Home Bakery in downtown Rochester.  It took more than 250 hours of labor by six decorators to create the  astounding confections.

Home Bakery owner and “Game of Thrones” fan Heather Tocco was more than excited to create the eye-catching window display based on the hit HBO show. “We are all big fans here, big fans. Like, read all the books, watched and re-watched the series big fans. Knowing it was the last season, we wanted to pay tribute to it in a way, celebrate it because we love it so much.”

Adam GrahamCheating my way through 'Game of Thrones'

The cakes themselves are mostly edible except for interior support structures, which include PVC pipe and copper tubing, which are food safe.  A Rice Krispies mixture makes up the bulk of the interior, because cake tends to shrink, lessening the life of the window display cakes.

The exterior is decorated with more than 100 pounds of marshmallow coating, at least 160 quarts of buttercream frosting along with several other edible materials.

It took more than 250 hours of labor by six decorators to create the confections. 

The dragon Viserion, turned into an ice dragon by the Night King, turns his terrifying face toward passersby from the window of The Home Bakery.

“It was all of us pouring our hearts into it; it was so much fun,” Tocco says.  “We are known for our elaborate Christmas window displays, but this was the one we were most excited about.  This is the coolest by far.”

As for the response on social media, Tocco proudly smiles, “Oh, tremendous!”  She tells the story of a man outside the bakery one day, taking a photo.  “He asked me, ‘You know this is global, right?’ I was like, ‘the TV show?’ He said, ‘No, the window.’  He went on to tell me his parents in India told me to come down here and take a photo of this. 

“Just hearing that people are making a trip here just to see the window, driving down to our bakery to see something we created, something we are incredibly proud of, sharing it with my team, it’s an incredible sense of pride.”

What’s next?  “I don’t know but I’m excited to see what it is,” she says. “I feel we can do anything.”

Tocco plans to keep the display at The Home Bakery, 300 S. Main in Rochester, until June.