Get an early taste of Heidelburgers, a forthcoming restaurant from the Heidelberg Project

Melody Baetens
The Detroit News

The artists behind the world-famous Heidelberg Project are preparing to open a burger restaurant to feed the hungry visitors to their outdoor art installation. 

According to founders Tyree Guyton and Jenenne Whitfield, Heidelburgers will serve an assortment of burgers developed by accomplished chef and caterer Jeffrie Toney. Besides a traditional beef patty, they'll serve turkey burgers with a bit of spice, and meat-free burgers called Veggie Baby and the Vegan Volt.

Heidelburgers will also serve french fries, sweet potato fries and slaw. 

Heidelberg Project founder Tyree Guyton and his wife, executive director Jenenne Whitfield, are mapping out new directions.

Whitfield said the restaurant will be in the Heidelberg neighborhood, which is also home to their new headquarters. They'll host a pop-up event, which is nearly sold old, at the HQ later this month.

"The restaurant will happen in 2020," said Whitfield. "If all goes well with the pop-ups and we get the following that we hope, it will be spring and summer of 2020."

There aren't a lot of restaurants near the installation on Detroit's east side, and she wanted to be able to offer visitors some healthy options. 

Diners can get a preview of what's to come at "Heidelburgers: An Edible Art Experience," a dinner event on Oct. 19 at the headquarters at 3442 McDougall in Detroit. The 6 p.m. seating is sold out, but some tickets remain for the 8 p.m. event. Tickets, $40, include your choice of burger, plus a tour of Heidelberg's new campus, music and a champagne toast. 

Tickets can be purchased via

Hiedelburgers is a new burger restaurant coming from the team behind the Heidelberg Project.

Whitfield said chef Toney will be on hand at the event, which also gives guests an opportunity to view a not-before-seen exhibition of dismantled Heidelberg work. 

The Heidelberg Project outdoor art environment, which was started by Guyton in the mid 1980s, currently includes the Dotty Wotty House and the Numbers House, which is under renovation. Whitfield said the nearby You House, which was recently the victim of arson, is the work of another artist. 

More Heidelburgers pop-up dinners are expected to take place as the team gets closer to the restaurant opening.