Vinotecca's 'Game of Thrones'-themed Black Wine Night keeps keeps diners guessing

Melody Baetens
The Detroit News

For those who'd rather celebrate Halloween with wine than candy, Vinotecca in Birmingham has a sophisticated and fun night planned for oenophiles. 

Their annual Black Wine Night returns Oct. 30 with a five-course meal paired with five different varieties of wines. This year's theme is "Game of Thrones," but it's not called Black Wine Night because of the lack of light during the Battle of Winterfell. 

Wines are disguised so Vinotecca diners can guess which variety they are drinking as the five-course dinner goes on.

"We use black wine glasses," said co-owner Kristin Jonna. This makes it impossible to tell if you have a red, wine or pink wine. "You really can't see, even if you look inside the glass ... people have been regularly duped." 

She said not being able to see makes guests appreciate the characteristics of a wine, good or bad. 

"It forces you to really contemplate what you'e smelling and what you're tasting and what you're feeling," she said, adding that even the most seasoned of wine drinkers sometimes get tripped up. 

Guests are given a list of wines that they might have in their glass, and then they can write down their guesses as the meal goes on. Diners are seated in small groups, so socializing and chatting is encouraged. 

"They keep notes and make their guesses," she said. "We try not to make it too hard, it's fun, it's an entertainment event." 

Black Wine Night is Oct. 30 at Vinotecca in Birmingham.

You don't have to dress up, but all attendees are required to at least wear black. 

Vinotecca, 210 S. Old Woodward in Birmingham, will have its "Game of Thrones" themed Black Wine Night at 7 p.m. Oct. 30.

The food will be named after characters and things from the fantasy television series. For instance, "Khalesi’s Breakfast" for the first course, and another named "Dothraki Stew" with lamb shank, potato, turnip, carrot and marrow bones. Dessert is "Joffre," a lemon cake with key lime custard. The menu has gluten free options. 

Tickets include five courses, each paired with a different glass of vino. The dinner is $85, or $75 for members of their wine club (this doesn't include tax and gratuity). Spots can be reserved by calling (248) 203-6600.

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