Panera Bread’s new bread bowl glove is perfect for winter iced coffee drinkers

Karu F. Daniels
New York Daily News

Panera Bread is testing the tundra of the wintry accessories business.

The company – known for its signature baked goods – is rolling out an item containing a very necessary utility function that is truly their bread and butter.

Panera has created a bread bowl-shaped glove specifically designed to help people hold iced coffee.

Panera's new bread bowl glove.

Using data research about how 78% of Americans said they continue to drink iced coffee even in cold weather climates, the St. Louis based company set out to create something to protect these customers’ potentially frozen hands.

Referred to as “the ultimate life hack,” the new Iced & Toasty Bread Bowl Glove is a hand warmer intended to make it look like you have one of Panera’s famous bread bowls wrapped around your iced coffee holding hands.

Sadly, the novelty item, made from fabric like a normal glove, cannot be purchased.

Only 450 people will be selected at random to receive the limited-edition to receive their own bread bowl glove. Customers interested can sign up at through Jan. 29.

Panera Bread recently launched its unlimited coffee subscription for just $8.99 a month, with the first three months free.