'Hell's Kitchen' chef from Michigan to cook vegan dinner at Frame in Hazel Park

Melody Baetens
The Detroit News

Michigan-born chef Josie Clemens can be seen on Fox as a current contestant of season 20 of the Gordon Ramsay show "Hell's Kitchen: Young Guns."

Chef Josie Clemens is on "Hell's Kitchen: Young Guns."

This summer, diners in Metro Detroit can get a taste of her vegan specialties themselves when Clemens, 24, returns home to presents a series of dinners at Frame in Hazel Park. The curated culinary events space, located inside Joebar restaurant, will host her July 9-12 with seatings inside and out. 

Tickets are $65 per person can be purchased in groups of 1-6 for inside dining or 1-8 for patio. The ticket include a 100% vegan, multi-course meal from chef Clemens. Wine pairings from Frame's sommelier Sean Crenny or cocktails from mixologist Jaz'min Weaver are available for an additional price. 

Visit framehazelpark.com/experience/josie-clemens-hells-kitchen to purchase tickets starting at noon Wednesday. Frame and Joebar are at 23839 John R in Hazel Park. "Hell's Kitchen: Young Guns," which premiered May 31, airs at 8 p.m. Mondays on Fo.

For more vegan dining events in Hazel Park, consider Mabel Gray next door. Chef James Rigato and his team will serve a 100% vegan menu the entire month of August, Tues.-Sat. Reservations, which require a $25 deposit per person, are open now for bar seating and indoor and outdoor tables. Visit mabelgraykitchen.com to reserve. 

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