Two James owner's new restaurant Supergeil is open in Corktown with döner, gin and tinned fish

Melody Baetens
The Detroit News

A polished new addition to the Detroit food and drink scene, Supergeil, made its debut Thursday in Corktown. 

The restaurant specializes in Berlin-style döner kebab sandwiches, tinned seafood (think sardines, but also tuna, mackerel and mussels, all served with bread and other accoutrement) and, naturally, a focus on cocktails. Supergeil is owned by David Landrum of Two James Spirits, which has a distillery and tasting room across the street.

The menu at Supergeil features European and Mediterranean dishes, including this Berlin-style doner kebab sandwich made with lamb and beef, and topped with cabbage, cucumbers, hot sauce and garlic sauce.

The two-page drink menu highlights some ciders, wine and beer along with a list of gin and tonics and a selection of classic cocktails with a global spin, like the Mediterranean Mule or the Saskatoon Sour. Those who don't imbibe can still experience the bartenders' skills with the nonalcoholic drinks, like the N.A. Groni Parma with botanicals, verjus (a juice) and Alta amaro soda. 

Supergeil's décor is sleek and contemporary with a lot of exposed brick and wicker light fixtures. There is banquette seating along the west wall with the bar on the other side, stocked with bitters, syrups and other potions (and a perfect photo of actor Jeff Goldblum holding a baby T-rex like a lamb). In the middle there are large, u-shaped booths for larger groups. There's also outdoor seating on a patio.

Inside Supergeil, a new bar and restaurant from Two James Spirits in Corktown.

The booths are brown leather, but there are also a lot of colorful elements to Supergeil, like the artful menus, patterns in the lower portion of the bar, bright yellow bar stools and the building's façade, which is  painted light blue with gold touches. 

Supergeil, 2442 Michigan in Detroit, is planning to be open 4-11 p.m. Tues.-Thurs., 4-1 a.m. Fri.-Sat. and 4-8 p.m. Sun. Walk-in customers only; no reservations taken. Visit or follow on Instagram @supergeildetroit for more information. 

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Supergeil is now open in Corktown
Colorful touches inside Supergeil, a new bar and restaurant in Corktown.
The interior of Supergeil, which opened Thursday in Corktown.