Olga's Kitchen's returns to service Detroit proper, but only via delivery apps

The Michigan-based restaurant is also launching a new, limited-time product "Bolgas," which is chicken, falafel or beef and lamb over herbed rice in a bowl

Melody Baetens
The Detroit News

Olga's famous Snackers, sandwiches, salads and more will once again be available within the city limits as the Michigan-based company launches Olga's Express in Detroit proper.

It's not a brick-and-mortar restaurant but instead a ghost kitchen with Olga's menu servicing downtown Detroit, Midtown and surrounding areas via third-party food delivery apps like DoorDash and Uber Eats. Olga's Express doesn't have a pickup location. 

Olga's Snackers

“Delivery service has been on the rise and has only increased over the past year," said Mark Schostak, executive chairman of the restaurant group, which also owns area Applebee's and Del Taco locations. "We’re thrilled to launch Olga’s Express in Detroit to cater to guests’ order method preference with the menu items they’ve come to know and love.”

Olga's Kitchen had a sit-down restaurant in Detroit near Campus Martius briefly, but that location closed in 2015. A quick-service version of Olga's opened at MGM Grand Casino in 2019 but closed a year later when the pandemic hit. 

In addition to the delivery-only Olga's Express, the restaurant announced this week that it will also launch a new, limited-time menu item called "Bolgas," which are the brand's popular flavors but in a bowl with herbed rice instead of a sandwich. Try the grilled chicken and spinach Bolga, one with falafel or the classic seasoned beef and lamb. 

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