Holy pepperoni! Little Caesars debuts new Calzony shaped like 'Batman' logo

Melody Baetens
The Detroit News

To promote the new movie “The Batman,” Little Caesars is offering a version of its Crazy Calzony – a pizza-calzone hybrid – that is shaped like the superhero’s famous logo. 

The Batman Calzony is part pepperoni pizza and part calzone, which is stuffed with garlic white sauce, cheese and julienned pepperoni. It’s folded in a way that's meant to look like the caped crusader’s bat-shaped symbol. The Detroit-based pizza company launched the original Crazy Calzony in August. 

The Batman Calzony will be offered for a limited time at Little Caesars for $7.99.

“It’s the most delicious part of our partnership with the upcoming film ‘The Batman,’” said Little Caesars chief marketing officer Jeff Klein in a press release about the new product.

Starting Monday, the Batman Calzony will be sold at participating Little Caesars stores for a limited-time for $7.99. 

You’ll need plenty of sustenance to get you through the film, which stars Robert Pattinson as Batman and is expected to run nearly 3 hours long. It hits theatres March 4. 

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