Dark Horse infuser makes 16 fruit-flavored beers

Tom Gromak, and Dawn Riffenburg
The Detroit News
Molly Swanston, West Michigan Sales Representative for Marshall-based Dark Horse Brewing hands a guest an Apripa, an IPA passed through a fruit infuser that injected the flavor of apricots into the IPA base beer.

There's fruit. And there's beer. Marshall's Dark Horse Brewing jammed them together in spectacular fashion with a canister infuser system designed by brewery owner Aaron Morse for the Michigan Summer Beer festival.
Molly Swanston, West Michigan sales representative for Dark Horse, said the idea was to add extra fruit flavors to already fruity versions of its popular IPAs. The infuser offered 16 different fruit flavors, from strawberries and blueberries to watermelon and apricots. "I've heard say the watermelon is really good," Swanston said. The apricot version (Apripa) was creamy and smooth with just the right sweet note.
People numbering several times the number of fruits lined up to sample the beers as Morse stood on the company's wooden platform and fired a T-shirt cannon into the crowd.
Swanston said Dark Horse has more than 40 beers on tap for the festival, which runs through Saturday. Tickets are sold out for Saturday, but start planning for next year.