Friday's Top 5 from the Michigan Summer Beer Festival

Dawn Riffenburg
The Detroit News

Friday's sunny skies and temperate weather was picture-perfect for sampling some of the 900-plus beers at the Michigan Brewers Guild Summer Beer Festival. Tickets for Saturday are sold out, but if you're heading to the festival, keep an eye out for these impressive selections:

Founders offered timed releases of some specialty beers Friday.

* Superman from Greenbush Brewing Co. This beer from their 31 ice cream inspired flavors melds raspberry, strawberry, vanilla and lemon in a delicious brew that isn't too sweet and is more than a novelty. Plus it won't turn your tongue blue.

* Divas in a Pom Tree, Eternity Brewing, a pomegranate Belgian tripel.

*Blushing Monk, a Founders Brewing Co. raspberry Belgian ale -- a surprising release from the ale-based brewery.

* Cocoazacca from Short's Brewing Co. Just the right amount of coconut in this India pale lager.

Apripa, one of the fruit-infused IPAs from Dark Horse Brewing Co.