New Holland, Pabst ready for national distribution

The Detroit News

Holland, Mich. – New Holland Brewing and Pabst Brewing companies are gearing up for national distribution and sales of New Holland’s beer through Pabst's platform.

– On Wednesday, March 29, Brett VanderKamp, president and co-founder, New Holland Brewing Company and Simon Thorpe, CEO, Pabst Brewing Company will gather with employees and community officials to celebrate the final phase of a partnership allowing for the national distribution and sales of New Holland’s craft beer portfolio through Pabst's sales and distribution platform.

On Wednesday, March 29, Brett VanderKamp, president and co-founder of New Holland Brewing, and Simon Thorpe, CEO of Pabst, will gather with employees and community officials to mark the final phase of their partnership at New Holland's brewing production campus in Holland.

Their partnership, which was announced Dec. 15, 2016, increases market share for New Holland’s award winning Dragon’s Milk year-round bourbon barrel stout, helping it become a truly “unlimited release,” New Holland said in a statement. The partnership also allows Pabst to increase its product portfolio and strengthens the company’s participation in the craft beer segment.

New Holland, now in its 20th year, remains independent and continues to manage all other business functions for its beers, including production, marketing and finance. All beers will continue to be brewed in Holland, and New Holland’s spirits, restaurant and retail operations will operate as usual. The companies’ agreement does not include the sale of any New Holland assets to Pabst.

Pabst's portfolio includes iconic brands such as its flagship Pabst Blue Ribbon and others such as Ballantine IPA, Lone Star, Rainier, Schlitz, Old Style, National Bohemian, Stag, Stroh's, and Old Milwaukee. For more information about Pabst, please visit: