Bløm Meadworks planning Ann Arbor debut in 2018

Melody Malosh
The Detroit News

A new space to imbibe and gather is being planned for downtown Ann Arbor next year. Bløm Meadworks will produce and serve dry, carbonated and locally-sourced mead and cider on the first floor of 100 S. Fourth.

Bløm Meadworks, which hopes to also host film screenings and live performances, is owned and operated by husband and wife team Matthew Ritchey and Lauren Bloom. Ritchey founded and still co-owns Begyle Brewing Company in Chicago. The Michigan native recently discovered he has a gluten allergy, which piqued his interest in making mead, which is naturally gluten-free.

“While most mead is sweet, still and about 12 to 14 percent alcohol, the Bløm Meadworks products will be 5 to 7 percent alcohol, dry, carbonated, and sessionable, making them more similar in taste and drinkability to a hard cider or craft beer,” Ritchey said in a press release. “There are only a few producers in the country doing what we are doing and even fewer who share our commitment to locally-sourced ingredients.”

At this point there’s no opening date set, but a 2018 debut is expected. Bløm Meadworks is still being built-out and designed with Ann Arbor-based architects Synecdoche Design and O’Neal Construction.