Speciation Ales owner Mitch Ermatinger talks about his new taproom, the beers he brews, and the ones he's brought to Fall Beer Festival. The Detroit News


Mitch Ermatinger seems surprised by the attention. But his Speciation Artisan Ales brewery has become popular in the Michigan craft beer community. Popular enough, that Speciation opened its new taproom, last weekend, after more than a year making beer in Comstock Park.

It’s open Thursday through Sunday, far more each month than the sour-ale maker’s previous once-a-month makeshift taproom.

“It’s just a nice place for you to enjoy your beer, surrounded by barrels of the beer that you’re going to drink someday,” Ermatinger said, between pours at the Michigan Brewers Guild Fall Beer Festival at Eastern Market Friday afternoon.

He jokes that the previous scarcity was probably what contributed to Speciation’s surging popularity. But he also acknowledges an attention to detail. Clean equipment, no weird flavors, and a willingness to just dump beer that doesn’t meet his exacting expectations.

“We make an effort to dump the bottom percentage of it, and also just make sure everything is really, really good,” He said.

Among his offerings at this year’s fest is Cypsela, made by his sister. It’s a wild farmouse ale aged in Great Skies gin barrels, with dandelions and honey, including flowers she picked herself for the brew.

Learn more about Speciation in the attached video. See them in Tent 1 at the Fall Beer Festival, running Friday and Saturday at Detroit’s Eastern Market.


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