Stroh Brewery Co. has teamed up with Corktown's Brew Detroit to launch Detroit Lager, which will hit bars and retailers next week. 

Available in cans or bottles, the crisp, low-alcohol beer will be previewed at Tuesday night's Detroit City FC game. The new beer's color scheme is oxblood red and gold, the same as our Hamtramck-based team. 

“The idea to create Detroit Lager posed a really fun challenge for our team to create a beer that embodies both the history and the future of Stroh’s, on its home turf. It had to be authentic, progressive, and fresh, much like the City of Detroit.” said John Kimes, director of brewing for Pabst, in a press release issued Monday. Stroh's, which started in Detroit in the 1800s, is owned by Pabst. 

Made by Brew Detroit brewmaster Joe Thorner and his team, Stroh's Detroit Lager is made with corn grits and has an alcohol by volume of only 4.6%. To compare, the Stroh's Bohemian-Style Pilsner which launched with much fanfare in 2016 is 5.5%. 

The Bohemian-Style Pilsner is getting an update look this year. It will have a new green and gold label, similar to the Detroit Lager's design. The look comes from Detroit-based designer Jesse Kassel.

Try the new beer at Tuesday's game at Keyworth Stadium, or find it in area bars, restaurants and retailers the week of Aug. 12.

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