Black-owned craft brewery Black Calder Brewing Co. makes its debut with Black IPA

Melody Baetens
The Detroit News

Michigan's newest brewery, Black Calder Brewing Co., is planning its first release, Black IPA, on Nov. 27  — also known as Black Friday. 

The Grand Rapids-based business is also the only, and believed to be the first, Black-owned craft brewery in the state. Founded by Michigan natives Terry Rostic and Jamaal Ewing, Black Calder will release Black IPA through Broad Leaf Local Beer in Kentwood. The medium-bodied beer will be sold in 16-ounce cans and has 7% alcohol by volume. 

Black Calder Brewing Co. in .Grand Rapids is owned by Terry Rostic and Jamaal Ewing.

The brewers say this just the first collaboration of many, and they plan to join forces with other craft breweries statewide for their upcoming releases. 

“Black Calder Brewing Co. was established to make great beer and provide a platform for innovation, art, culture, and inclusion in the craft beer industry,” said Rostic in a press release this week. “We appreciate the significance of being recognized as Michigan’s first black-owned brewery. It’s something Michigan and the craft beer industry has been longing for, but it’s not the only thing we want to be known for."

Starting Friday, Black IPA can be preordered for pickup on Nov. 27 at Broad Leaf, 2885 Lake Eastbrook in Kentwood. Black Calder merchandise will also be on sale at

In the future, Rostic and Ewing, whose motto is "make dope beer for dope people," will craft a variety of styles including barrel- and wood-aged beers, fruited ale, kettle sours, lagers and ciders. To keep up with future releases, follow Black Calder on Instagram @blackcalderbrewing or at

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Black Calder Brewing Co.'s first release, Black IPA, comes out Nov. 27 via Broad Leaf Brewing in Kentwood, MI.