‘Reach Me’: Drive-by acting in a scrambled story

Tom Long
The Detroit News

‘Reach Me’ is the sort of movie where careers go to die.

Not that this scramble of a film spells the absolute end for Sylvester Stallone, Kyra Sedgwick, Thomas Jane, Kelsey Grammer, Tom Sizemore, Terry Crews, Tom Berenger or the many other folks who dash in and out of its scenes. But they might want to check with a physician.

In truth, it’s somewhat hard to believe all these people were roped into such a haphazard production. On the other hand, it doesn’t look like anyone invested all that much time — Grammer, for instance, has a grand total of one scene. If there’s such a thing as drive-by acting, it’s happening here.

Written and directed by John Herzfeld (“2 Days in the Valley”), “Reach Me” revolves around a self-help book that’s become a cult craze, written by a reclusive fellow named Teddy (Berenger). Various storylines connect wildly disparate people to the book’s popularity.

There’s a firebug (Sedgwick) just getting out of jail. And a cop (Jane) who can’t seem to stop killing bad guys. And an online tabloid editor (Stallone) who’s pushing a writer (Kevin Connolly) to find Teddy and expose him as a self-serving fraud.

Beyond that, there are gangsters, since they have guns and are perfect for a grand finale shootout. Chief among the gangsters is Sizemore, who has sent two thugs (Omari Hardwick, David O’Hara) to beat up a guy and shoot his wiener dog. That’s how mean Sizemore’s character is — he wants a wiener dog shot.

“Reach Me” is the sort of film where everything’s supposed to coalesce in the end. It doesn’t, particularly. The wiener dog does get to bite someone, which is the film’s high point. It’s not very high.



‘Reach Me’


Rated PG-13 for sexual content, violence, language, drug use, and smoking

Running time: 95 minutes

“Reach Me” (PG-13) Gangsters, cops, journalists and a wiener dog all somehow revolve around a self-help book’s success in this scrambled, haphazard film featuring drive-by performances from Sylvester Stallone, Kyra Sedgwick, Thomas Jane and others. (95 minutes) GRADE: C-