’The Interview’ digital grosses up to $40 million

Associated Press

New York — Digital sales for “The Interview” are up to $40 million, putting the Sony Pictures release on track to eclipse “Bridesmaids” as the biggest online release ever.

In a statement Tuesday, Sony Pictures chief executive Michael Lynton called the total “a significant milestone.” The film has been playing on a variety of online and on-demand platforms. It has also added $6 million in box office, playing in select independent theaters.

In early 2012, “Bridesmaids” set the previous record for digital release with $40 million in video-on-demand and online sales.

While record-breaking, the digital release of “The Interview” means Sony will struggle to break even on the $40 million-plus film. Receipts are split with distributors, and marketing would have also cost around $25 million.