Review: ‘Some Kind of Hate’ offers a ghost-out-for-revenge bloodbath

Tom Long
The Detroit News

“Some Kind of Hate” is your basic ghost-out-for-revenge bloodbath movie with one nice little twist.

Here’s the twist: If the ghost cuts itself, you bleed. The ghost bleeds too, but it’s only ghost blood, so it apparently doesn’t matter. The result of all this is a lot of dead people and one extremely bloody ghost.

To get to the bloody ghost, though, you have to wade through a bullying story. The person being bullied is a tall, muscular, good-looking guy who likes to listen to death metal named Lincoln (Ronen Rubinstein). He’s at school one day, eating lunch by himself when a preppy guy starts beating on him, so Lincoln puts a fork in his neck.

Apparently it’s OK to whomp on people, but not to put a fork in somebody’s neck because Lincoln is whisked off to some sort of remote juvenile prison/re-education center in the desert. This is an interesting co-ed place where residents can smoke and hot girls wear skimpy clothes.

Which doesn’t sound bad, but soon bullies are picking on Lincoln again and no forks seem to be handy. So Lincoln hides for a bit in a storage cellar, cursing the bullies and somehow awakening the razor-happy ghost. Her name is Moira (Sierra McCormick) and she was apparently bullied to death at this very same prison.

So she starts slicing herself up and watching the bullies bleed to death, apparently thinking Lincoln is now her boyfriend, which complicates things because Lincoln has started hooking up with one of the previously mentioned skimpily clad hot girls, Kaitlin (Grace Phipps).

So, more people die. Then even more people die, in more low-budget horror film ways. The message here is clear: Bullies are bad and so are razor-wielding ghosts. Almost as bad as this movie.

‘Some Kind of Hate’


Not rated

Running time: 82 minutes