Long: OK Amy, you’re the best, now give it a rest

Tom Long
The Detroit News

A word of advice to Amy Schumer: Give it a break.

Understand, this comes from a huge fan. You have offered up more bawdy, thought-provoking, raucously observational humor in the past three or so years than anyone else alive.

Still, take a vacation. Or at least take a vacation from cameras. Maybe tuck yourself away in a cozy cabin for the holidays. Or go on a private bender in Tahiti or some far-off exotic land. No matter what, disappear.

Why? Because you’re in serious danger of becoming overexposed in media terms. And in artistic terms there have been countless instances of talent burning so hot that it goes up in flames. You’re too good for that; actually, you’re too needed for that. This world needs ruthlessly funny women.

The cliché holds: It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Recently you’ve been running a sprintathon.

Let us review the past half year alone. In April the third season of “Inside Amy Schumer” popped up on Comedy Central, offering the instantly classic sketch “Last ----able Day,” in which Schumer discussed the expiration date on female desirability with fellow undesirables Tina Fey, Patricia Arquette and Julia Louis-Dreyfuss.

Two weeks later the entirety of the show was given over to “12 Angry Men Inside Amy Schumer,” a parody of the legal drama in which a jury of 12 men – played by actors such as John Hawkes and Paul Giamatti – debated whether Schumer was hot enough to be on television. It was visionary stuff, directed by Schumer herself.

It turned out Schumer was plenty hot. Just after the third season of “Inside Amy Schumer” came to an end “Trainwreck,” the first movie she’d written and starred in, hit theaters. An R-rated reverse romantic comedy in which Schumer played a commitment-adverse boozing floozy about town, the film cost $35 million to make and has so far raked in $110 million at the North American box office.

Since then Schumer has 1) won an Emmy for “Inside Amy Schumer,” 2) become bestest friends with Jennifer Lawrence 3) continued to perform live stand-up and 4) revealed that she and JLaw are planning on writing and starring in a movie together. Nothing much.

And, oh yes, last week Schumer hosted “Saturday Night Live.”

Which was really just a way of promoting her one-hour HBO comedy special, “Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo,” which debuts tonight at 10. Directed by Chris Rock it finds Schumer in fine raunchy form, discussing everything from her urinary tract infection to her eating habits and, of course, sex life.

It is predictably hilarious. The problem is, with every one of these projects Schumer has had to run the gauntlet of endless TV talk shows, and that can get both tired and tiring. Schumer hasn’t just been burning both ends, she’s been burning every inch.

So please Ms. Schumer, take a few days, weeks, months off, OK? If you don’t you may self-combust and become one of those great talents who just sort of disappear. Comedy needs you too much to let that happen.