Review: ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2’ is one too many

Adam Graham
The Detroit News

It turns out one “Big Fat Greek Wedding” was plenty.

“My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” brings back the cast from the 2002 smash and attempts to recreate the familial charm that made it an enduring hit.

Instead, this forced sequel sticks Toula (screenwriter and star Nia Vardalos) and her overbearing Portokalos family in a series of sitcom situations that feel like leftovers from the short-lived series “My Big Fat Greek Life,” which hit the air in 2003 (and was mercy-killed after seven episodes).

Grandpa Gus (Michael Constantine) doesn’t know how to use a computer! There’s an episode. Daughter Paris (Elena Kampouris) is choosing a college! There’s an episode. One of the cousins (we would never spoil who) is secretly gay! And so on.

All the while, the family’s “wacky” behavior feels increasingly forced. It’s one thing to be close and fiercely protective of one another, but when the entire extended family shows up at Paris’ college fair and begins to muscle a recruiter, they look less like a tightly knit family and more like a group of enabling maniacs.

The driver of the story is a magically unearthed marriage certificate that shows Gus and his wife of 50 years, Maria (Lainie Kazan), were never officially married. That sets up the wedding of the title and gives the family something to fuss and fret and be loud over, creating all sorts of false drama.

It never works. The jokes about the family’s obsession with their Greek heritage are back (all words can be traced back to Greek, see, even chimichanga), as are the gags about Windex being an all-purpose fixer. But no amount of Windex can fix this stinker. It’s a big fat Greek dud.


‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2’


Rated PG-13: for some suggestive material

Running time: 89 minutes