Review: ‘Ice Age: Collision Course’ a solid adventure

Adam Graham
The Detroit News

The “Collision Course” in the title of the fifth “Ice Age” film refers to an asteroid that is hurtling toward Earth and threatening to wipe out all life on the planet.

But it’s going to take more than a flying rock to kill off this franchise.

Fourteen years after the first “Ice Age” movie, the series is still trudging along, like a wooly mammoth lumbering through the snow. Scrat, the squirrel who is the series’ mascot, is still trying to capture that elusive acorn, and as long as the series creators can find new ways to keep it just out of his reach, this series will keep rolling until the next ice age.

“Ice Age: Collision Course” is part family adventure, part science lesson. The humor is quick and clever and the animation is sharp, and the pop culture references are witty enough to score. (The movie takes several pauses so a weasel voiced by Neil deGrasse Tyson — his name is Neil deBuck Weasel — can explain the science behind what’s going on.)

Ray Romano’s Manny the mammoth once again leads the prehistoric posse that includes his family (Queen Latifah and Keke Palmer voice his wife and daughter, respectively), a crusty saber tooth tiger (Denis Leary), an overly nervous sloth (John Leguizamo) and so on. Not only is an asteroid rocketing toward them, but Manny is learning to deal with his daughter’s new boyfriend (Adam DeVine, playing a sort of bro mammoth), and he must learn to work with him in order to save the day.

“Collision Course” won’t alter the trajectory of history, but as an entertaining diversion, it does its job. For a few laughs and some family warmth, it’s on solid ice.

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‘Ice Age: Collision Course’


Rated PG for mild rude humor and some action/peril

Running time: 100 minutes