Review: ‘Sausage Party’s’ raunchy animation is tiresome

There’s plenty to like in the filthy cartoon, but it’s bogged down by juvenile humor

Adam Graham
The Detroit News

A religious allegory in the form of a foul-mouthed cartoon about a bunch of talking foods inside a grocery store, “Sausage Party” is smarter than it looks at the same time as it is overly taken with its juvenile humor.

The result is like the kid in middle school who makes the best presentation in class, but winds up in the principal’s office because he fills it with F-bombs.

The precedent for this raunchy animated tale is “Team America: World Police,” which, with its puppet imagery, looked like a children’s movie, but sure didn’t walk or talk like one.

“Sausage Party” does the same thing with Pixar-style animation, and gets an all-star cast (including Kristen Wiig, Edward Norton, Salma Hayek and Danny McBride) to make some hot dogs, some hot dog buns, a bottle of honey mustard, some vegetables and one particularly ornery feminine hygiene product say some very filthy things.

The whole enterprise is the brain child of Seth Rogen, who wrote the story with Evan Goldberg and Jonah Hill. Set in a grocery store called Shopwell’s, the film’s conceit is that grocery store items dream of being picked out by Gods (humans) and taken to “the great beyond” (outside the store) where nirvana supposedly awaits.

When they learn that’s not the truth, they question the lies they’ve been told and wonder about the nature of existence. And then they smoke some weed, make 10,000 sexual innuendos and say the F-word like an 8-year-old showing off for his friends, like simply adding it to every sentence makes that sentence inherently funnier. (Note: It doesn’t.)

“Sausage Party” is cleverly written, and there are some sharp riffs as it drifts into parodies of war and horror films. There’s an even more astute film in there somewhere, but Rogen and friends are too busy giggling at their own pot jokes to see it through.

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‘Sausage Party’


Rated R: for strong crude sexual content, pervasive language, and drug use

Running time: 89 minutes