Review: Welcome to a big, fat horror-filled wedding

A displaced spirit wreaks havoc on a Polish wedding in this comic horror tale. And you thought your wedding was scary

Adam Graham
The Detroit News

The title “Polish Wedding” was already taken, so “Demon” will have to do for this darkly comic slow descent into madness that takes place during a wedding in the Polish countryside.

Piotr (Itay Tiran) moves from England to Poland to marry his bride, Zaneta (Agnieszka Zulewska) on her family’s farm. There’s hesitation on the family’s part — they’re worried they don’t know him well enough — but it’s off to the ceremony where copious amounts of vodka will make everything go down a little smoother.

Except Piotr is still shaken by those human remains he found buried in the yard where he was planning to dig a swimming pool, and now he’s seeing spirits in his field of vision. More vodka. Now he’s having epileptic seizures and speaking in tongues — and everyone was worried that droning speech from grandpa would be the lowlight of the wedding ceremony.

There have been some nightmarish weddings in movies before — the epic blowout in 2014’s “Wild Tales” comes to mind — but “Demon’s” might take the cake. It spurs from the Jewish mythology of the dybbuk, a malicious, displaced spirit that possesses one’s body and wreaks havoc on the host until it can find peace, and it drives the spirit of this savage tale that’s spiked with humor and the feelings of uncertainty that come along with a walk down the aisle.

A sad post-script to this story: Director Marcin Wrona took his own life while “Demon” was on the film festival circuit. He was 42. “Demon” is a testament to a still-budding talent, and it would have been fascinating to see where he went next.

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Rated R for language and some sexuality/nudity

Running time: 95 minutes