There isn’t much to Troll dolls, those little figures with the squishy faces and the hair that looks like it was fried after a run-in with an electric socket, so it’s up to “Trolls” to come up with a story around them.

So here we have the Trolls as the inhabitants of an all-singing, all-dancing happy world. And then there’s their enemies, the gloomy, downtrodden Bergens (no relation to Candice), whose only happiness comes from eating trolls.

Is that enough to hang an entire film on? Not hardly! But add in a few musical numbers and voila — you’ve got yourself an animated feature in 2016.

“Trolls” isn’t likely to advance mankind in any significant way, but it’s a harmless adventure with a few toe-tapping musical numbers and a positive message of togetherness and teamwork.

Justin Timberlake voices Branch, an outsider Troll who doesn’t buy into all the happy hoopla of his peers, such as Poppy (voice of Anna Kendrick), who lives for hugs and big choreographed dance routines.

When the Bergens come hunting for Trolls for a traditional Troll feast, Branch must band together with his fellow Trolls and, well, you get the drill. Yes, Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling” — which hit No. 1 over the summer — plays a major role, which anyone with a radio could see coming.

Songs by Bonnie Tyler, Diana Ross, Gorillaz and Lionel Richie also populate the soundtrack, so at least “Trolls” has a good beat. And it has a fresh look, courtesy of its scrapbook-inspired visuals, which help perk it up over its familiar-feeling outline.

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Rated PG for some mild rude humor

Running time: 93 minutes

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