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Review: Erotic thriller ‘Unforgettable’ is anything but

Katherine Heigl takes on the villain role in this paint-by-numbers thriller

Adam Graham
The Detroit News

“Unforgettable” is a trash thriller best accompanied by a glass of wine and a running group chat. It’s meant to be laughed and jeered at and makes no allusions otherwise, so in that sense it gets points for self-awareness.

Rosario Dawson plays Julia Banks, who moves from San Francisco to southern California when she gets engaged to her new man, David (Geoff Stults, who looks like a contestant on “The Bachelor”).

Trouble hovers in the form of Barbie clone Tessa (Katherine Heigl), David’s ex and the mother of their daughter Lily (Isabella Rice). When Tessa’s not staring in the mirror dead-eyed while brushing her hair, she’s trying to ruin (and possibly end) Julia’s life.

“Unforgettable” follows a predictable path, as Tessa goes from light shade-throwing at Julia (“do you have anything organic?” she asks as she scours her kitchen for pasta) to full-blown identity theft (she creates a fake Facebook page for her and lures her psycho ex back into the picture). The erotic thriller canon is littered with similar stories, and “Unforgettable” doesn’t attempt to reinvent the wheel.

Speaking of litter, Heigl has in recent years has slipped from leading lady status to doing kitty litter commercials. Whoops. She’s a worthy ice queen villain here, especially when she treats a front-seat romp with a suitor like a visit with “Alien’s” mother queen.

Making her directorial debut, longtime producer Denise Di Novi (“Ed Wood,” “Batman Returns”) keeps everything moving right along, even if the script by Christina Hodson and David Leslie Johnson — which highlights the lowest aspects of female-on-female rivalries — should give her pause.

“Unforgettable” has a handful of good laughs and talk-back-at-the-screen moments, like the made-for-Lifetime movie it should be. What it’s not is unforgettable; you’ll have moved on by the time the first credit hits the screen.

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Rated R: for sexual content, violence, some language, and brief partial nudity

Running time: 100 minutes